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Description of Critical Ops

Critical Ops brings the best first person action to your mobile phone! A fast-faced shooter that you can bring on the go and play wherever you are.

With Critical Ops, you’ll become an expert in modern terrorist warfare. Become part of the counter-terrorist force and test your reflexes and tactical skills. Or… You can be the threat itself and become a terrorist that only causes destruction.

Join your friends online and fight alongside them or simply improve your skills with the individual scoreboard.

Critical Ops is currently in its Alpha phase, which means the game is still under development and being improved on a daily basis. But you can already play the game as the team behind it fixes its bugs and adds content and new features. It’s a game in constant improvement and you can be part of its growth.

There are two modes in the game for you to enjoy: Defuse and Team Deathmatch.

Defuse puts you in the middle of the war zone, trying to defuse bombs. If you’re a counter-terrorist, prevent the bomb from exploding. If you’re a terrorist, plant the bomb and cause chaos!

In the classic Deathmatch mode, it’s every player for himself. Survive and eliminate as many players as possible. You've got a time limit so don't wait up.

And don’t worry! In Critical Ops there are no ways to pay-to-win. Only camos and skins can be bought to make your favourite weapons look cooler!

Enter the war zone and put your shooting skills to the test, in Critical Ops - the most skill-based portable FPS around!

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Eduard Sadriu avatar
Michael FTW 4 months ago

Reply to Eduard Sadriu

some people have that problem I downloaded the app from my other phone still the same issue I don't know how to fix the problem

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Geet Dadani 10 months ago

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you are fake bloody basket

Premium Movies 11 months ago

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check my store for nice porn app!!

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Chase Holland avatar
Eesa Shazad 1 year ago

Reply to Chase Holland

I fucking keep in have to update it is annoying me probbably report it

Chase Holland avatar
Rashad Price 1 year ago

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Chase Holland avatar
Jack Millington 1 year ago

Reply to Chase Holland

stop bitching

Chase Holland avatar
Jake Forsyth 1 year ago

Reply to Chase Holland

he's right ive got 0.99GB and its very slow

Chase Holland avatar
Asad Khan 1 year ago

Reply to Chase Holland

who are to said c ops is fucking game

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Good App Guaranteed!

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